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Hiking Trails

Bring rugged shoes. We have multiple miles of trails on our 140-acre property.


Pedal wherever your legs can take you on one of our rugged Surly Bikes or stylish Priority Cycles. Complimentary Bern helmets available.


Snow too deep for those sneakers? Snap on a pair of our snowshoes and enjoy the serenity of a winter hike through the woods.

Ice Skating

Winter is not an off-season at Nordlys. Bring your skates, and enjoy skating on the frozen lake.

Snow Tubes

Who said sledding is just for kids? Grab a complimentary tube and hit the hill.


Enjoy sitting around a low smoke Breeo fire pit. Firewood is complimentary.

Kayaks and Pedal Boat

To quote The Wind in the Willows, “There is nothing — absolutely nothing — half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” We could not agree more.

Property Map

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